Friday, 18 December 2015

Fit and Healthy Friday's week #6

22 weeks pregnant with baby no#5

Exercise completed: 1 set of arm weights, 3 power walks, 2 sets of squats
Exercise goals: I've got 101 excuses to not doing much exercise this week. We have had a really tough week for a few reasons and right now we are in the middle of one of the worst heatwaves I've ever experienced. Exercising outside is getting pushed aside in favor of sitting in front of our air con. My goal for next year is to make exercise a daily habit even if it is only for 10-15 minutes. We went to our favourite beach spot this week and it was so nice. I got lots of walking done that day. 

Weight gained this week: 1kg! EEk Hopefully weight gained in all the right places!
Total weight gained so far this pregnancy: 7.4kg. 

A few sample days menus of exactly what I ate:
*Keep in mind I'm pregnant, so in no way am I restricting calories, I eat until I'm full. I'm focusing on nourishing my baby, keeping my blood sugar levels stable (sugars low, adding protein with every main meal) and keeping my weight gain steady. 

I've been keeping a food journal where I write down everything I eat. If you have ever done this, it can be shocking at times! I can't believe how much or what I eat some days! And it helps me to see the bigger picture of what I'm eating. I can tell my 'weaker' times of the day when I tend to eat more and it helps me to focus better the next day on what I'd like to eat. 

Day one.
B:Baked eggs and popped beans (X0) - A Jamie Oliver recipie I tried. 

 MT: Chocolate muffin in a mug (S)
L: Pumpkin and Oat Pancakes (X0) I smothered these in maple syrup and went crazy overboard...but they were so yummy!
AT: Raw protien balls (S)
T: Curried chicken and rice with spinach (white rice is off plan)
S: Berries with chia pudding and a few raw protien balls (S)  

Day two.
B: Omelet with tomato (S)
MT: Apricots (E)
L: Quinoa and chick pea salad. 3 small apricots (E)
AT: Corn thins with tomato (E)
T: Tortillas on a plate (S)
S: Dark chocolate (S)    

  *The letters S, E and XO are types of meals from the health book "Trim Healthy Mama Plan" by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison. 
*B = Breakfast, MT = Morning Tea, L = Lunch, AT = Afternoon tea, T = Tea (our main meal), S = Supper (I can't survive without a snack in evening when I'm pregnant) 

Food goals:
Try not to eat wheat!!!! I am intolerant. I made apple muffins for the children a few times this week and ate some. My stomach suffered for days. I want to make try a raw 'cheese cake' made with cashew nuts instead of cream cheese for Christmas. 

See you next Friday! 

Blessings, Peta 

How about you
Have you ever kept a food journal? Comment below, I love hearing from the people who read these

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