Sunday, 6 December 2015

Fit and Healthy Friday's #4

Welcome to Fit and healthy Friday's Week 4,

I am 20 weeks pregnant now. I had an exciting scan this week and our baby is looking great plus we found out the gender! I will announce it on this blog in a few weeks - We haven't told our families yet.

At the park and Arrow!

Exercise completed: 3 power walks of 20-45 minutes. 
Exercise goals: Looks like I have been averaging 3 walks a week. I would like to do more than this - walking at least 5 times a week. At least I am doing something consistent even if it is only 3 times a week. 

Weight gained this week: 500 grams
Total weight gained so far this pregnancy: 6.3kg

A few sample days menus of exactly what I ate:
*Keep in mind I'm pregnant, so in no way am I restricting calories, I eat until I'm full. I'm focusing on nourishing my baby, keeping my blood sugar levels stable (sugars low, adding protein with every main meal) and keeping my weight gain steady. 

Barramumdi, with quinoa and salad

Chia pudding (made with coconut milk, chia seeds and vanilla liquid stevia) and mango. Yum!

Omelet with avocado,sea salt, pepper and a little cayenne pepper. And green tea - I drink green tea with my breakfast and morning tea every day and have been doing this for years now.

Lamb and sweet potato casserole, the children had theirs with rice.

Lunch!, Tuna salad
Day one:
B: Muesli, banana and almond milk, (E)
MT: Apple (E)
L: Fried eggs and cabbage, almonds, 2 squares dark choc (S)
AT: Corn chips with hummus (XO)
T: Barramundi, spinach, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, red onion salad and quinoa (E)
S: Chia seed pudding with mango. (XO

Day two:
B: Omelet with avocado (S)
MT: Fruit with 1 spoonful coconut yoghurt (E)
L: Large salad, tin salmon and beans, chia pudding with a little extra maple syrup (XO)
AT: Muesli, banana and almond milk (E)
T: Lamb and sweet potato casserole (XO)
S: Berries, chia pud and coconut yoghurt (S) - later I shared a large bowl of pop corn with Luke while we watched a movie. We like to air pop our pop corn and drizzle it with olive oil and sprinkle on sea salt, it's so yummy and our favourite movie treat!  

*The letters S, E and XO are types of meals from the health book "Trim Healthy Mama Plan" by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison. 
*B = Breakfast, MT = Morning Tea, L = Lunch, AT = Afternoon tea, T = Tea (our main meal), S = Supper (I can't survive without a snack in evening when I'm pregnant) 

Food goals:
Eat a bit less dark chocolate. It's my favourite treat but some days I get carried away. Yesterday I ate 2 rows of peppermint dark chocolate which does contain sugar and a little dairy and felt nauseous in the evening. I will stick to 85% dark which doesn't contain dairy (I'm intolerant to dairy) and no more than 2 squares a day.

See you next Friday! 

Blessings, Peta 

How about you
How's your week gone, have you ever read the book 'Trim Healthy Mama?'

Miss Holly, my dining companion


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