Friday, 8 January 2016

Fit and Healthy Friday's #7


Hi all, this week I am 25 weeks pregnant. I would have a photo but ...we lost our camera at the beach last week...*sniff. I'm pretty sad about it as it had all our photos on it from the entire Christmas period. But at least we have our lovely memories in our hearts that no one can take away. 

Eating healthily at Christmas is...challenging...but I've been more than ready this week to dive back into a nutrient dense diet that will make me feel clean and energised. 

 Here is my fit and healthy journal from the past week:

Exercise completed: An ocean swim and a few walks with the dog. 
Exercise goals: Walk Sandy first thing in the morning when Luke is not working until the afternoon. Go for another swim.

Total weight gained so far this pregnancy: 9.3kg. 

A few sample days menus of exactly what I ate:
*Keep in mind I'm pregnant, so in no way am I restricting calories, I eat until I'm full. I'm focusing on nourishing my baby, keeping my blood sugar levels stable (sugars low, adding protein with every main meal) and keeping my weight gain steady. 

Day one.
B:Homemade toasted muesli with almond yoghurt and half a banana
MT: Rice crackers with hard goat cheese and some with natural peanut butter. 
L: Left over homemade hamburgers. Mine was wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.
AT: A few medjool dates and a row of fruit and nut chocolate.  1 nectarine. 
T: Zucchini and kale fritters with green beans. 1 slice of healthy chocolate pie  
S: Berries with chia seed pudding.  

Day 2:
B: Omelet with half an avocado
MT: 2 plumbs and a few mixed nuts
L: Tin salmon, avocado, beans, and a large salad. 1 almond biscuit. 
AT: Peaches with a sprinkle of coconut flakes
T: Home made 'fish and chips.' Fried whiting with sweet potato and capsicum oven baked chips, fried greens (some french sorrel and kale my mum gave me) with some pickled cucumber chips. (which my mum also made) 
S: Dried apple and a few almond biscuits.  

   Food goals: 
Keep making more muesli and buy some goat yoghurt. The supermarket I used to buy it from stopped stocking it and I'm desperately trying to find another source of goat yoghurt.

See you next Friday! 

Blessings, Peta 

How about you
How are you recovering from all the rich Christmas foods?

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