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Fit and Healthy Friday's - #2

Fit and Healthy Friday's week 2.

Welcome to my new series called 'Fit and healthy Friday's. Where I'd love for you to join me as I reflect on how my week went with how my fit and healthy pregnancy aspirations are going. I'll write up some stats on my weight gain and what exercises I've been up to. 

I'm following 'Trim, Healthy, Mama Plan' by Pearl Barrett and Serene. It has guidelines for pregnant mums which I'm attempting to follow. I'm having a hard time giving up sweets like honey and jam, but I'm learning. I made a gluten and dairy free lemon and poppy seed cake this week which was a huge hit for the family. I ate ...maybe 5 slices...too many. Opps. (it has a cup full of sugar in it) A week ago I even ate...jelly beans!!!...eeek! That's a blood sugar spiking disaster waiting to happen. I felt awful the next day too, my body was not thanking me for that. Trim Healthy Mama is great though for when I'm not pregnant. A few years ago I was very strict following the guidelines in the book and I went bam...from size 12 to a size 8 and stayed that way until I was pregnant again. It was awesome. This plan works.

18 weeks pregnant with baby no#5
Same shirt as my last photo, but I'm loving my new elephant t-shirt

Exercise completed:15-30 minute walk on three days.
Exercise goals: To find a time of day that really works for me to complete exercise and do my best to stick with it. This week I was a bit all over the place. Once I walked in the evening after tea. And twice I walked in the afternoon after Luke got home from work. I still want to do a toning workout routine at least 3 times a week to add onto my walking. Which will include arm weights, squats, lunges and some pregnancy abdominal work.

Weight gained this week: 400grams
Total weight gained so far this pregnancy: 5.8kg

A few sample days menus of exactly what I ate:
*Keep in mind I'm pregnant, so in no way am I restricting calories, I eat until I'm full. I'm focusing on nourishing my baby, keeping my blood sugar levels stable (sugars low, adding protein with every main meal) and keeping my weight gain steady. 

Day one.
B: 2x slices gluten free toast with natural peanut butter (xo)
MT: 1 pear (E)
L: Leftover roast lamb with salad and beans, apple crumble. (X0)
AT: Peanut butter on celery, 2 squares 85% dark choc (S)
T: Stir fry with roast lamb, veggies, konjac rice and Tamari sauce (S helper)

Day two.
B: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil with avocado  (S)
MT: nectarines with a spoonful coconut yoghurt (E)  
L: Gluten free wrap with lamb, goat cheese, avocado, salad and chutney. 2 squares 85% dark choc (XO)
AT: GF wrap with peanut butter and jam (jam is off plan oopsy) 
T: Meatballs with homemade tomato sauce and konjac spaghetti (noodles made from the konjac plant from Japan - low calorie and healthy. The rest of the family eat regular spaghetti), goat cheese and spinach. (S)
S: popcorn - air popped topped with olive oil and sea salt. (XO) 

Luke looks seriously excited about the spaghetti and meatballs
*The letters S, E and XO are types of meals from the health book "Trim Healthy Mama Plan" by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison. 
*B = Breakfast, MT = Morning Tea, L = Lunch, AT = Afternoon tea, T = Tea (our main meal), S = Supper (I can't survive without a snack in evening when I'm pregnant) 

Food goals:
Eat more S and E meals and less crossovers. No more than one crossover meal per day. Try making a green tea, green smoothie to replace my morning hot green tea one morning.

See you next Friday! 

Blessings, Peta 

How about you? What do you do when you know you've overeaten on junk? Do you beat yourself up about it and continue to overeat for the next few days and weeks? Or do you try not to worry about it and get back on track with the very next meal? Comment below, I would love to hear from my readers. 

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