Saturday, 5 December 2015

Pregnancy...without all the wobbly fat?


 (This post was written around 4 weeks ago)
 Is it possible to be pregnant without putting on truckloads of weight, is what I'm wondering. With every pregnancy I've somehow managed to put on between 25 and 30kg. I come home from hospital 5kg lighter and spent the next year trying to lose all that extra weight. So far I've been very successful at losing my pregnancy weight except this time I still had 5kg to go to get the my pre pregnancy weight when I became pregnant with our 5th baby.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, a healthy weight gain for someone like me who was of normal weight when falling pregnant is between 11-16kg! That's unbelievable! I know every woman's body and metabolism is different so a weight gain of 25-30kg may be healthy and normal for me, but having all that extra weight to lose after the birth can get really discouraging for me.

With what couldn't be more perfect timing, I purchased the newly released 'Trim Healthy Mama Plan' and the cookbook that goes with it (by Serene Allison and Pearl Barett) and was pretty wrapped with what I found. - A whole chapter dedicated to pregnant and nursing women! I love it how the plan can be tweaked for pregnant women, it's all about good fats and healthy meals which help to keep blood sugar low and keep weight gain under control. Sounds good to me and I'm going to give it a go.

This pregnancy I am going to try to be really mindful of what I eat and see if this makes a difference to my weight gain, not to mention my mood also. I will also try to exercise at least 6 days a week. This week I've been going on 30 minute fast paced walks with my Golden Retrevier Sandy. Soon I hope to incorporate a toning circuit too with squats, lunges and weights.

I've already put on 5kg in the first trimester due to me having to just eat and eat to survive morning sickness. The only way to keep my pregnancy nausea under somewhat control is to eat constantly - and heaps of protein. I ate packets and packets of nuts amongst other things. I am feeling much better now at 16 weeks and 5 days along and I'm ready to take back control now. (At least try to!! after all pregnancy is a time where our bodies are very out of our control!)

Fit and Healthy Friday's is going to be a new series that I'll be posting up where I will share with you all things on how my fit and healthy pregnancy aspirations are coming along. It'll be a way to keep myself motivated and on track if anything - but you are welcome to read along and come on this journey with me. I will be sharing:
  • How my Pregnancy weight gain is coming along
  • What exercises I've been up to that week
  • How I'm feeling, pregnancy wise
  • What I've been eating with a few sample daily menus
 Stay tuned, 
Blessings, Peta

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