Monday, 14 December 2015

A day in the life of us

So what goes on here on an 'average' day? You are about to find out! I decided to record down everything I did in a day. Funnily enough it was a pretty basic day and nothing disastrous happened. This was recorded a few weeks ago mid week on a home schooling day. 

5.20am - Holly wakes and I get her a bottle, then put her back to bed, she goes back to sleep thankfully.
7am - I slowly get out of bed and can hear hungry little people rummaging in the kitchen. Luke is already up and has given them nutri grain, milk and banana.
- I turn vision radio on on my ipad (we listen to Vision everyday, it is so encouraging and has helped to strengthen my faith)
- I drink lemon juice in a cold glass of water and write a little to do list

- I cook and eat an omelet and drink green tea.
- Arrow has done his morning chores already! I'm super impressed! (get dressed and 'make' his bed, put PJ's under pillow)
- I shower, get dressed, take supplements and make our bed. I put on a little make up and moisturiser. 
 - I put on a load of washing
- I motivate Francis to do his chores, Luke has dressed Savannah and they all go outside to play.
- They are reading scripture on Vision radio 'God is slow to get angry and full of unfailing love' - I wonder if I can be like this to my children. 

8:45am - Francis wants to look at his schedule, I pull it out and he reads it over. Arrow and Savannah want rock melon. I tell them to wait until morning tea time, they don't really like that idea. I get Holly dressed. 
8:50am - Francis is suppose to practice piano but today he practices drums, all the children have a go on one of the instruments, I even get out the guitar but only for 5 mins. Luke leaves for a short morning shift at work. 



Holly doesn't like to miss out on anything!

9.10am - Discipleship time: I read a Bible story from the book The Lamb. We talk a little about it and pray a short prayer for our day.

9.25am - I work with Francis on his LEM phonics workbook; he does 2 pages. Arrow and Savannah are doing puzzles at the table with us. I sit Holly in her booster seat and give her a snack.
- I play a little board game with Arrow in his room.
- I listen to Francis' reading.
Savannah loves to draw during school time, yes that's texta on her face

10am - Morning tea and outside play. The children have cut up rock melon and some 'healthy' corn chips. I have a green tea and a bowl of fruit with a little coconut yoghurt and sit outside to watch Holly in the sandpit. 
- I hang out the washing and put a new load on then kick the soccer ball with Arrow.
- Holly has a dirty nappy, I take her inside to change her, she doesn't like it and I have a wrestling match with a poopy monkey. 
In case you didn't guess...they are 'transforming' according to Francis.

10.35am - Francis is asking me to play a board game with him. I agree. Arrow plays too and one boy cannot handle not winning and has a meltdown while stubbornly trying to cheat every 2 seconds. 

11am - Holly goes to bed for her daytime sleep. I sit at the table with Francis to supervise his maths and handwriting practice. Then rush around cleaning toys up from the entrance and passageway so the tradie who will be coming soon can actually get in the doorway. 
- Try to print out a worksheet for Francis because he has powered through his school day and needs something to do. The printer wont work so I draw both the boys a dot to dot. I can't draw!!
- We all sit in the lounge and I read a book to Savannah, then Arrow, then Francis.They all listen in to each others stories. 

12pm - I begin making lunch. The children have avocado and cheese or vegemite and cheese sandwiches. I have a large salad with tin salmon and beans. My lunch is interrupted to help miss S onto the toilet and get her changed. I'm getting tired, I send the children outside to play and I eat dark chocolate, and check my emails and facebook and read a few articles online. 

12.50pm - Holly wakes, a little earlier than I was hoping. I give her lunch and clean the kitchen a little bit while she eats. The children come inside and eat some fruit and yoghurt. I sit and feed Holly a yoghurt.

1.15pm - I read the children the Christmas story then set them up on the computers for their online Maths Seeds lesson. 
- I hang up the second load of laundry. 

2pm - I make some phone calls and fold laundry 

3pm - Luke gets home, I begin cooking tea. 
3:30pm - Luke and I have a cup of tea together, the children are done with school work and are playing together. I eat muesli because I'm really hungry and growing a baby. 
Luke reads all the kids a story. I give Holly a cracker, she's getting a bit grizzly. 
3.55pm - We motivate to children to tidy up their rooms and the lounge and passageway. Luke helps them.
The kids are allowed to watch ABC2 on the ipad now that the toys and things are picked up. 
- I head out for a walk with my dog Sandy 

4.50pm - I'm back, check casserole and put some laundry away - Holly kisses me! She is adorable!

5pm - The ipad is off and I put some rice on for tea

5.40pm - We eat tea

6.10pm - I disappear into my bedroom to have a quiet minute, eat some mint dark choc and update my blog. 
- Luke washes dishes!!!! - he is an amazing guy btw.

6.35pm - Luke helps the older kids with teeth, toilet and PJ's while I play with Holly and put her PJ's on. 

7pm - Family worship time. Luke plays guitar and we sing a Christmas carol. 

7.25pm - After bottles, sippy cups, more stories and prayers the children are in bed.

Luke and I chill out, eat supper and watch a movie and head to bed around 10.20pm. 

And there you have it, that's us on a regular day at home. Though 'regular' always seems to be changing - but that is just a part of life.





  1. Thanks for sharing your day! Will catch up 'one day' love to all!

  2. It was fun to write, and I love looking back at these kinds of posts too and seeing how our day changes as the kids get older. We will see you again, love and blessings, xox