Friday, 29 January 2016

Fit and Healthy Friday's #9

Walking on Granite Island this week

 Welcome to fit and healthy Friday's!
Keeping up writing these has really been helping me stay on track with all my goals. I don't want pregnancy to be an excuse for me to overeat and become stuck on the couch. When I get a little exercise done I feel so much better and I find I have much more energy to care for all my family's needs. 

I am 28 weeks pregnant now which I think is the beginning of the third trimester! I had the glucose tolerance test done this week and I find out my results soon. I decided that I would do it this time to give me piece of mind about whether or not I have gestational diabetes. I was naughty last pregnancy and refused to take the test. I'm one of the annoying patients that has to question everything the doctor wants to do. The sugary drink was awful and I felt little nauseous and extreemly tired for the rest of the day afterwards. It was 75 grams of sugar after all (and three blood tests within 2 hours!) 

 Here is my fit and healthy journal from the past week:

Exercise completed: I went on many walks this week! I even got up at 5:30am one morning just so I could walk the dog before Luke went to a morning shift at work.
Exercise goals: Continue walking on at least 5 days this week

Total weight gained so far this pregnancy: 10.8kg

A few sample days menus of exactly what I ate:
*Keep in mind I'm pregnant, so in no way am I restricting calories, I eat until I'm full. I'm focusing on nourishing my baby, keeping my blood sugar levels stable (sugars low, adding protein with every main meal) and keeping my weight gain steady. 
At the mall: This is what I ate while everyone else ate Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - A cranberry protien ball and chia seed drink. And for lunch that day I had Sumo Salad next to my family who were downing Mcdonalds. My hubby finds me amusing haha
Day one.
B: Almond meal pancakes with apricot jam or maple syrup
MT: 1 Peach (E)
L: Chicken with pumpkin and chick pea salad and greens, a few leftover pancakes for dessert 
AT: Peanut butter and celery (S)
T: Zucchini and potato fritters (E)
S: Pop corn with olive oil and sea salt (XO)   

Day Two:
B: Muesli, banana and almond milk (E)
MT: 2 squares of dark choc, 1 corn thin with peanut butter and jam (XO)
L: 3 eggs fried in coconut oil over a bed of baby spinach, kale and vitamin greens with a few tomatoes. 2x pieces gluten free toast with apricot jam (jam that my mum's SO good and I'm fully addicted) and peanut butter. 1 banana (XO)
AT: a few nuts and 2xsquares 85% dark choc (S)
T: Homemade chicken rice paper rolls (E)
S: Mulberries and boysenberries with almond yoghurt (FP)   

*The letters S, E and XO are types of meals from the health book "Trim Healthy Mama Plan" by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison. 
*B = Breakfast, MT = Morning Tea, L = Lunch, AT = Afternoon tea, T = Tea (our main meal), S = Supper
Homemade falafels

Food goals: To make my own protien balls and eat more green vegetables. 

See you next Friday! 

Blessings, Peta 

How about you
What kinds of food do you like to eat when you go out with your family?

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