Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Why I began blogging

I just can't stop writing! I have been writing regularly in my own personal journals since I was 11 years old. I still have them all. A whole stack of them. Years of my story, my inner thoughts, prayers and slowly over time I have watched my writing mature and my faith increase. I've written of some very low lows and some exciting highs.

Six years ago I began reading a blog by a mum from America who had four children. I soaked in her every word and cherished all the sweet pictures of her family. I began searching the web for more blogs from large family mums. I desired a large family myself and was fascinated by all the logistics of how such families can function and even thrive in this modern age. I stumbled across one mother who at the time had just had her 15th child! Here is a link to her blog. She posted tips on how she stays organised and manages her hefty household and how she also home schools them all! I was amazed and felt a connection with these women. Like they were speaking to my heart and had many of the same thoughts and views about family that myself and my husband had. I sought out many more like minded women and in a way some of these women became my mentors.

After our second son Arrow was born,  I toyed with the idea of starting my own blog. One thing was for sure, I loved writing and continued to write pages almost daily in my personal journal. I felt God speaking to my heart about beginning a blog to be an encouragement to other mums. And to spread the messages that are dear to my heart. Messages about family values, being pro life, and spreading the gospel message by being a living example of God's word. I wanted to direct mothers hearts back to their homes in a gentle and positive way. Being a mum caring for little ones at home can be isolating, so connecting with other like minded mothers online is a great way to make some social connections. Not as good as face to face relationships but it's still good

 My blogging began slowly; I first wrote a personal journal complete with photos on my computer. I wanted to blog but I didn't quite feel ready to go online. I did this for around 6 months or so. Then after our first daughter Savannah was born - our third child - (2012) I was just bubbling over with so much to say and I couldn't contain myself. I HAD to start blogging and share what I wanted to say with the world! I wanted the approval of my husband Luke and he encouraged me to give it a go so I began blogging with his blessing in 2012. We discussed what information would be okay to share online and what would need to be kept private. I set up a blog on blogger, which I'm still writing on. Luke edits and read my posts for me before I publish them. Luke has even started his  own blog too now. He writes about theology, church culture, family and biblical truths. Click here to check out Luke's blog.

My blog has had some dry patches where I haven't typed a word for months. Other times I have posted weekly. I began by posting up articles that I had written on some controversial subjects such as the Biblical roles of men and women, and why we had chosen to get rid of our TV. I now write about home educating my children, family life, nutrition and fitness, parental topics and I still write about Christian issues that I feel the Lord directing me to write about. I want to be a blessing to mothers everywhere and a source of encouragement. Blogging hasn't been all positive though, I have come so close to deleting it and giving up blogging a few times as I felt my blog was becoming a way for those who know me to 'spy' on me and use what I say against me to put me down. But I must keep blogging for now because I believe God is using me in a positive way to encourage many mums across the globe. I've had some really lovely and exciting emails and comments from other mums from Russia, America and Australia, some encouraging me and some giving me some lovely uplifting words. All the lovely mums out there keep me wanting to write. 

If you are wanting to go back and read my past posts, I apologise, but I removed them. I am very excitedly working on a new blog with WordPress. I will put most of the old original posts back up on my new blog. My new website looks clean cut and professional and I'm super excited! I'm still trying to figure out WordPress though, and with all the time I spend caring for and prioritising my family, my work on the new blog is slow. I don't usually blog during my children's waking hours but in the evening when they are asleep. I expect it to be ready later in the year. 

I love blogging and I still continue to write in my personal journal too. 

Blessings, Peta 


  1. Peta I really enjoyed reading your post and it sent me on a few rabbit trails as well. Blogging does make you vulnerable and that is what many people appreciate. Keep up the good work. Smiles Michelle

  2. Hi peta, I can't remember how I found out you had a blog but have been reading it for a long time and have loved "spying" on you and your beautiful family and seeing where you are at now. I have found what you had written previously and now on your blog really encouraging especially now that we have started our own family. Xoxo Pam (used to be Jardine ��)

    1. Hi Pam!! Lovely to hear from you! I didn't know you have been reading my blog haha, you are welcome to 'spy' on me :) I'm so glad you have found it encouraging. God bless, Peta xox

  3. Peta
    Glad to hear you're still blogging. and look forward to seeing your new look.
    I recently moved to and it was a huge learning curve, bigger than I was expecting.
    more than happy for you to email or even ring me and I can share what I've learnt as I didn't find it easy to find info. I've bookmarked lots of helpful how to pages. so just sing out for help, happy to share

    1. Thanks Erin, I saw your move to wordpress and I love the look of your new blog. I'm scratching my head a bit trying to figure out how to work everything, learning to use a new website is a challenge! Thanks for the offer, I guess I'd find your email address on your blog?

    2. Peta
      Yes but here tis
      and it you don't have a moment to get to me soon, to keep you flowing really recommend
      I just moved my other blog (learning nuts and bolts one) today based on their help, though last time I used blogger importer extended widget and it was seamless too.

      See widget, I had hives at first learning all these new terms, really happy to share what I've learnt, so don't be shy asking.

      and thank you for your kind words re my blog :-) means a great deal

  4. Thanks for sharing and joining in with the Aussie mum's blog hop. Your new blog does look nice and clean and I look forward to seeing how you develop and grow with it. I too have just made big changes on my blog in terms of hosting, design, and the like - the learning curve was huge, but so much fun.

    1. Hi Belinda, I'm enjoying being a part of this blog hop, it's nice to 'meet' you :)

  5. Glad to see you are passionately getting into blogging and creating that new website. My wife and I really appreciate your work and are constantly sharing it with friends and family. Keep up all the passion you have and we look forward to reading many more blogs to come. Your passion has inspired my wife to also start blogging soon.

    Laurence Chandler @ White Media Agency