Thursday, 3 March 2016 want to start homeschooling

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Week 3:  Advice to a friend who wants to start homeschooling

wow...there is SO much to consider when thinking about beginning homeschooling. If I had a friend wanting advice for starting out it would be...


It's going to be great. You'll see. 

When it comes to considering homeschooling I am finding that there are too many options. Home education is not a 'one size fits all,' there are many different styles and ways to do it and it can be easy to feel a little confused or overwhelmed. 

I have only been homeschooling for a year (officially) but before I began I spent 5 years researching it. I knew with all my heart that I wanted to homeschool my children right back when I was pregnant with my first born baby. 

I knew all the reasons why I wanted to homeschool and Luke was enthusiastically supporting the idea 100 percent.

But then began the next question...


How do I homeschool? What do I need to do exactly?

There are SO many ways to homeschool, I'm not overly experienced so I can't go through them all but I can share what I have done so far and other ideas I have:

1. Only do 'preschool' of you have a child who seems to really enjoy it. My first born son loved doing activities at the table and naturally has always had a long attention span. I ordered the 'Rod and Staff' preschool curriculum from Light Educational Ministries. When he was 3 years old we sat down together while my baby and toddler were napping and did 3 pages around 3-4 days a week. He loved it! My next son preferred to do puzzles with me, so I didn't push the book work. He was happy and I was happy and he learnt and grasped concepts very well.

2. When I felt like my child was ready to progress to more challenging work I began the LEM phonics workbooks. We borrowed easy readers from the library and slowly worked through a maths book by 'Rod and Staff' also ordered from Light Educational Ministries. 

3. Most other subjects at this age can be covered by reading non fiction books aloud. I borrow all mine from the library. 

4. Read aloud everyday. This alone is the backbone of a great education. 

5. We read Bible stories together every morning and pray. 

6. A subscription to ABC Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds is well worth the money! I have found this online program absolutely fantastic for my young children. 

Just before your child turns 6 you can register yourself as a homeschooler. You'll need to be enrolled in a school and get an 'exemption for the purpose of homeschooling.' I found the paperwork a little daunting but once it was done it was done and the home visit from the education department was positive and nothing to worry about. 

Don't worry about people who disagree with your decision to homeschool. You and your husband know what's best for your child. Many people don't 'get' homeschooling. Stay confident in your decision and just be polite and quietly go about your business.

 There are many different homeschool facebook groups you can join too where you can write questions and many experienced homeschoolers are more than happy to answer them. And even better; get to know some real life home schooling mums

Blessings, Peta 


    1. Great advice. It really can be done very gently at first but that in itself throws up challenges where we think we aren't doing enough!! But the joy of seeing our kids learn everyday is one of my precious memories. Thanks for sharing for the blog hop.

      1. Thanks Belinda, I've been there for their first words and first steps so it's only natural being there as they learn to read and write :)